The City Living Difference

For over 20 years, City Living has consistently delivered a strong return on investments for our clients. We are market makers who know where the best deals can be found – often knowing about properties before they ever go up for sale through our deep network of property owners and real estate brokers.

City Living also has long-standing partnerships with professionals across the transaction spectrum, from mortgage brokers, to lawyers, and accountants – all the connections needed to fully serve our clients. Once a deal is in play, we position our properties so they have increased significantly in value when the TIC units are sold.

The Right Expertise For You

City Living knows when to invest and when not to invest. We offer seasoned analysis and guidance on many different property types as to whether a TIC makes sense. The complexity of the Bay Area real estate market demands that we often consider a variety of scenarios in rent-controlled environments with protected tenant communities.

We analyze whether transforming older rental properties into TICs with modern amenities is economically feasible. Creating affordable housing for our target markets with creative financing and effective management of tenants is a primary goal. We arrange secondary financing and facilitate tax deferred exchanges. In addition, we aspire to keep the transformation process moving so that investors have more flexibility with their capital. City Living will help you manage the issues so that you may make the best investment decisions.

Condo Conversion

Often, TIC owners will have an opportunity to convert their property into condominiums. City Living can manage the condo conversion process for you. By keeping abreast of all the regulations governing condo conversion, City Living has the expertise needed to insure success. With our construction team, we will get your property ready for required inspections and approvals.

If you own a two unit building we begin the condo conversion process right after you get the keys to your home. For multi-unit partnerships that require lottery approval, City Living will prepare your lottery entry. Once accepted, we will begin the conversion process on your behalf.

Public Reports

Selling for the first time TIC units in a property with five or more units requires a public report from the California Department of Real Estate. With City Living’s experienced team, obtaining a public report will take from 4-6 months. City Living will work with seasoned escrow officers, lawyers, mortgage brokers, accountants and surveyors to put together the budgets, accounts, surveys, and other necessary documentation. We have the contacts and knowledge to deal with whatever complex issues or changes in the law come up during the process to minimize delays in converting your property.

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