City Living SF is a Real Estate Brokerage specializing in the purchase and sale of residential properties in San Francisco including TIC and Condo units.

Fred Salem – Principal

Fred Salem has been on the forefront of the San Francisco real estate market for 20 years, solely focused on the TIC market. An expert in developing and selling multi-unit buildings as TICS, Fred is among the more respected authorities on Bay Area TICs.

At City Living, Fred’s deep understanding of the Bay Area market offers his clients sound strategic analysis and an active list of the most appealing properties in town. Fred also leads the market in condo conversions. His in depth knowledge helps clients smoothly navigate this often arcane process. In addition, Fred manages renovation projects for his clients.

Meg Ruxton – Agent

Meg Ruxton has spent 20 years steeped in making real estate investments work as an attorney, broker, investor, and property manager. She was appointed to the San Francisco Assessment Appeals Board and served for three terms, making decisions about the assessed value of properties for property tax purposes to insure an equitable marketplace for real property owners in the City.

At City Living, as a licensed real estate broker and member of the Bar in the State of California, Meg brings a unique perspective to the constantly changing laws that govern TICs, condominiums and residential rental properties. She graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts degree and from Duke School of Law with a Juris Doctor degree.

Miesha Morgret – Broker

Miesha has a broad background in both residential and commercial real estate spanning over fifteen years. At City Living, Miesha manages the individual unit re-sales. She specifically manages the post construction preparation of the units for re-sale. She coordinates the staging, marketing, HOA formation documents, and final escrow dispositions.

Miesha holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of California at Davis. She is also a licensed real estate broker in the State of California.

Kathleen A Gevertz – Designer

Combining a discerning eye and creative vision with comprehensive knowledge and experience in design and project management, Kathleen offers her clients a remarkable level of expertise. Her tenaciousness throughout every phase of the remodeling and design process and her genuine caring for her clients’ needs and goals have earned Kathleen a stellar reputation.

The ability to conceptualize and capitalize on a property’s possibilities are all hallmarks of Kathleen’s superior service. Two decades of experience in construction, design and project management has resulted in that level of talent and skill.

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